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ABOVE - Abilities On the move

In many EU countries, the institutions and services evaluating the needs of people with mental health disabilities and supporting them, notice a particular difficulty with this population, especially with regards to finding them an employment. The ABOVE (ABilities On the moVE) project will allow the institutions, via the exchanges of best practices amongst professionals and vocational training methods, to meet the needs of people with mental health disabilities. The final conference of the project was held on 1st and 2nd   July 2019 in Val de Marne (France).

Lead: Conseil Départemental du Val de Marne (France)


C&I – Cognition and Inclusion

The Cognition and Inclusion project aims at achieving social inclusion and equal opportunities for people with disabilities. Strategies to support cognitive skills and adaptation are significantly contributing to social inclusion and employment. This project wants to give access to methodologies to foster cognitive skills within LD adults, and to create necessary conditions for effective implementation.

 Main objectives:

• Promoting and showing evidence of the value of cognitive methodologies by mapping/analyzing successful approaches;

• Increasing the importance of the mindset of professionals, organizations and adult learners by developing a valid mindset device on three levels, useful for HRM, VET and assessment of outcome of support/training.

Next transnational meeting:  18th – 19th  September 2019,  Abano Terme (PD) - Italy

Lead: GROEP UBUNTU X 8K (Flanders, Belgium)

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The ENSA and ELISAN networks selected for the interactive speed dating session.

Persons with Disabilities high on the agenda

On 20 May 2019 the fourth Annual Convention for Inclusive Growth took place in Brussels with the main theme of Social Europe and its possible developments after the end of the Europe 2020 Strategy. The European Pillar of Social Rights, Agenda 2030 and the new Multiannual Financial Framework will be the basis of the work of economic and social inclusion for the upcoming years. Through workshops and interactive sessions, on topics such as the European Pillar of Social Rights and its implementation as well as its relationship with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the exchange of ideas and good practices to build Social Europe in the years to come has been stimulated. During the Speed Dating Session 8 projects on the theme of the Future of Social Europe had been selected and presented. Two of them, “ABOVE-ABilities On the moVE” on the topic of the integration on the Labour market of people with psychic disabilities and “SEFAC- Social Engagement Framework for Addressing the Chronic Disease Challenge” saw the ENSA and ELISAN networks as protagonists. Links were then made with the TRIADE 2.0 objectives.

The recommendations that emerged from the Convention, underline the need to continue working for the improvement of social policies in Europe through closer collaboration between the social, economic and educational sectors. Synergy work between the public and private sectors and between the local, national and European levels is also essential. The importance of adapting workplaces to people's changing lives through continuous and inclusive learning, with a particular focus on people with disabilities was highlighted.

This year's Conference chose the European Pillar of Social Rights as its cornerstone, which must necessarily be implemented by continuing the fight against poverty and growing inequalities, adopting a broader social and environmental approach, promoting health and well-being, quality education and future work. The conclusions brought the need of a global strategy between the Pillar and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


ENSA and ELISAN General Assemblies 2019, Youth Care Platform- Carinthia 23,24,25 September 2019

The Region of Carinthia, the ENSA (European Network of Social Authorities) and ELISAN (European Local Inclusion and Social Action Network) networks and the YOUTH CARE PLATFORM have the pleasure to invite you to their general assemblies, to interactive working groups and study visits and to an international conference that will take place in Villach on  23rd -24th  -25th September 2019.

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Date and Topic of the conference: 24th  September 2019, Prevention and help with addiction disorders. Date and Topic of the working groups and study visits: 25th September 2019, elderly and disability, youth, minors and families.